Tiger Worms at Work

When the raw sewage arrives in the Biolytix tank the Tiger Worms, Eisenia Fetida, get to work quickly. They are one of the strongest creatures in the world for their bodyweight, and they continually break up the sewage, creating millions of aerobic channels. These are the ideal conditions for other organisms to move into, and together they complete the decomposition process. The tiger worms quickly turn the sewage in to humus. The wastewater is then cleansed as it trickles through the many channels in the humus.

The Biolytix worms have helped turn the problem – the solid sewage, in to the solution – the humus that filters the wastewater.

The Worms at Work Inside a Biolytix Tank

We can show you how effectively the worms work in a Biolytix tank – we filmed inside one!  The worms break down the solid sewage in just 60 hours. The breakdown has been sped up to just 15 seconds with time-lapse photography. Please be aware: “Poocam” is rated PG (Pretty Gruesome) and we recommend you do not watch it just before dinner.

The Worms Offer Many Benefits

  • No large aerators/blowers needed. Literally thousands of worms naturally aerate the waste
  • The tank doesn’t smell; humus absorbs odour
  • The owners can go on holiday and the worms will hibernate. They eat little and don’t breed. Then when the residents are back they rejuvenate, replenishing themselves at the rate they are needed
  • They can handle extended family and extra visitors – the worms party as well, making the most of the banquet

Did you know?

  • The worm is one of nature’s top “soil scientists”; they have been decomposing organic matter for over 650 million years. Having served a considerable apprenticeship, they are vital creatures at the front line of treating waste
  • Baby worms are not born. They hatch from cocoons smaller than a grain of rice
  • Worms often eat their body weight in waste every day