Why Choose Biolytix?

Buying any type of wastewater treatment or septic tank system is a large investment…

…so it’s essential to make the right choice, for you and your circumstance. Once installed, if a wastewater system is not working properly it can affect your lifestyle and budget … loud irritating noise, offensive odour, high maintenance costs, lots of electricity wastage and failing vital parts. Biolytix has invested in Research and Development to eliminate the problems of these sewage systems from the outset.

The BioPod sewage treatment system delivers the lowest lifecycle costs by using quality components and by utilising nature to do the work, not high-energy air blowers and other machinery.

Your decision to purchase a Biolytix wastewater system will mean you will spend less on electricity.

How soon can we get our system?
Each BioPod is manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand. It will generally take two weeks to deliver from the time you place your order, but if your need is urgent we may be able to improve this.

What is a wastewater report and who does it?
A wastewater report is an independent assessment of your site and site soils and wastewater requirements. Where a new wastewater system is proposed Council usually require one of these reports to be submitted with a Building or Resource Consent application. They are prepared by an engineer of suitably qualified person with experience in on-site wastewater management and knowledge of the on-site wastewater rules applicable in your area. They specify a large number of things for you, such as:

  • Design Criteria – including number of bedrooms, per capita water use rates, hydraulic loading and separation distances;
  • Soil Assessment – including soil category, texture, permeability, drainage capacity;
  • Site Assessment – including slope, vegetation, depth of water table, proximity to waterways etc.

Biolytix can provide advice and recommend engineers in your area to provide this service for you or if you already have an engineer we can assist them by providing technical information on the Biolytix system.

BioPod brochure

Find out how the Award-Winning BioPod works and how it ticks all the boxes for the Environment and Saving Money.

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How to order

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Step 1: Design & Consent

When installing a new wastewater system Building and Resource Consents are usually required, as well as submitting an on-site wastewater report to your local council.

The report must be carried out by a qualified consultant such as an engineer and determines the specific requirements for putting a wastewater system on your property, including the type of wastewater system, size and the best location of the irrigation system.

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Step 2: Quote

When consent has been given and you are ready to purchase a Biolytix wastewater system or get a cost estimate, contact your local accredited installer. Your Biolytix installer will sort out a quote for you based on the design requirements.

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Step 3: Order

When you are ready to purchase a Biolytix wastewater system, place an order with your local installer, or contact us and we will organise with your installer. All payments for the supply and installation of the Biolytix system are made with your installer at the terms agreed to with them.

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Step 4: Installation

The installation of a Biolytix BioPod requires expertise. To ensure that the installation and performance of your Biolytix BioPod wastewater system meets and exceeds your expectations, we require one of our fully trained and accredited installation agents to carry out the installation for you.

Find a Biolytix installer in your region

Want a Biolytix system on your property? Find an experienced Biolytix approved installer near you.