Buying any type of wastewater treatment or septic tank system is a large investment…

…so it’s essential to make the right choice, for you and your circumstance. Once installed, if a wastewater system is not working properly it can affect your lifestyle and budget … loud irritating noise, offensive odour, high maintenance costs, lots of electricity wastage and failing vital parts. Biolytix has invested in Research and Development to eliminate the problems of these sewage systems from the outset.

The BioPod sewage treatment system delivers the lowest lifecycle costs by using quality components and by utilising nature to do the work, not high-energy air blowers and other machinery.

Your decision to purchase a Biolytix wastewater system will mean you will spend less on electricity than you could be.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Biolytix

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The Biolytix is an ‘ecosystem in a tank’ which treats the wastewater without needing costly large mechanical aerators to run, repair or replace. This results in up to 90% less energy being consumed than in most aerated sewage treatment systems thereby reducing electricity  costs.

Biolytix Reason 2



Unlike aerated systems the Biolytix has no smelly septic tank.

Biolytix Reason 3



Recommended servicing every 9 months which is much less frequent than other systems on the market.

Biolytix Reason 4



Silent operation. There are no noisy blowers or pumps that can run up to 24 hours every day on other systems.

Biolytix Reason 5



Absolutely no offensive smells due to the fact that the Biolytix uses an aerobic process with no septic tank and no large blowers.

Biolytix Reason 6



Independently tested in New Zealand and Council approved.

Biolytix Reason 7



Treated wastewater beneficially irrigates lawns and gardens via specialised irrigation incorporating patented technologies for reliability.

Biolytix Reason 8



Small Carbon Footprint.  Negligible methane emissions (which has a global warming potential of more than 30 times CO2).




100% New Zealand made by a New Zealand owned company.




The most compact, light weight wastewater system on the market. Manufactured from 100% recycled material. Less weight and volume to transport. Ideal for sites with difficult access. Less excavation and less disruption to your landscape.



Find out how the Award Winning Biopod works and how it ticks all the boxes for the Environment and Saving Money.

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