Servicing and Maintenance Care

The Biolytix BioPod has been designed to provide long-term, effective treatment of household sewage and wastewater. Just like your vehicle requires a service to run smoothly, correct operation and maintenance of the BioPod will ensure it operates at peak performance.

Biolytix BioPod requires a service every nine months

No matter what wastewater treatment system you buy, you must comply with local Council regulations. These regulations require servicing of all on-site wastewater systems in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and that the work is to be undertaken by an accredited technician.

Biolytix Biopod

The BioPod is so reliable it only needs one service every 9 months to ensure it is performing well as opposed to quarterly servicing requirements for most other systems (Note: Some Councils require a minimum of two services per year regardless of the type of wastewater system).

Your Biolytix installer or other accredited Biolytix Service Technician will offer you a maintenance contract – to make certain that your Biolytix wastewater system is operating to the required specifications and complies with all regulations.

To find your nearest Biolytix installer please phone us on:  

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Choosing a system with low on-going costs

When choosing a wastewater treatment system, you should consider ongoing replacement costs. The BioPod is a living ecosystem, which treats the waste naturally. Just like nature, the ecosystem works hard and continually replenishes itself – so there are no large mechanical aerators that can be expensive to run, fix and replace.

Other systems can be vulnerable to wear and tear and break down and often need replacement of expensive parts, such as pumps, blowers and membranes and the ongoing energy costs can be up to 90% more than the BioPod.

Most other systems need to be serviced up to 4 times a year and these quarterly servicing requirements can cost up to $200 each visit.

Biolytix Water … naturally … the safe and cost-effective choice.



Find out how the Award Winning Biopod works and how it ticks all the boxes for the Environment and Saving Money.

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