Rotoma | Rotoiti Upgrade, Rotorua NZ

In 2021, 424 houses along the Rotoma and Rotoiti Lakes will receive a Biolytix EcoPod system that will connect to a Biowater network. The solid waste from each house will remain in the EcoPod for worms to digest, while the filtered liquid waste will be pumped away through a series of pipe to a larger treatment plan for final processing at Gisborne Point, Rotoiti.

The Rotorua Lakes Council scheme aims to protect the health of the waterways, the health of the public, and to provide an essential service to the community. The scheme also aligns with the vision of the Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes Programme (a partnership between Te Arawa Lakes Trust, Rotorua Lakes Council and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council).

As part of the assessment, Biolytix installed systems at the Marae and a papakainga at Ruato Bay in 2016 to demonstrate the performance of the Biolytix. The systems preformed consistently over five years and will become part of the great network as part of the upgrade.

As a result of the community and Iwi engagement, a Scheme was agreed and includes:

  • All properties in Rotomā and Rotoiti will have an on-site Biolytix EcoPod (BF2) system that provides a high level of pre-treatment (this a condition of the Resource Consent and Cultural Management Plan).
  • 47km of main pipes (reticulation) connecting homes to the treatment plant.
  • A wastewater treatment plant (built behind the Rotoiti Emery Store, on land owned by Haumingi B93B). The treatment plant uses natural bacteria (to remove nutrients), amembrane bio reactor (to filter and remove more nutrients), Ultraviolet (UV) light (to disinfect in the same way that the sun does), and then irrigating to pumice soils (providing additional natural filtration and safe dispersal).
  • 3 pumping stations, 2 flushing stations and 5 flow monitoring sites.

The process enables the disposal of wastewater in a way that is environmentally and culturally appropriate, and technically robust.

The project kicked off in October 2021 and is expected to continue into 2023 with Fulton Hogan at the helm. The versatility of our technology allows us to be able to provide both concrete and plastic tanks to suit the conditions at individual properties.

If you are a homeowner in the outlined area looking for information, please contact Rotorua Lakes Council.

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