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Biolytix Disposal Fields – Naturally aerated onsite wastewater treatment

The land disposal system is a significant part in an on-site wastewater system, yet it is the part that usually gets looked over during the design, installation and maintenance of a wastewater system. As a result, the disposal system is the area problems usually become obvious. Not only that, a poor performing disposal system can have a negative impact on the performance of the entire treatment system.

Land Dispersal via Dripline Irrigation

The land dispersal of treated wastewater into or onto the land is the ultimate in sustainable disposal options. When correctly designed and controlled water and residual nutrients in the treated wastewater can be dosed to plant root zones and be beneficially utilised as a free source of irrigation water. Soil microbes further polish the treated wastewater finishing the job started by the BioPod.

Safe Septic Irrigation

Biolytix exclusively uses the Wasteflow dripline which is specifically designed for dispersal of treated wastewater with technologies that nobody else offers

Emitters are protected by our Rootguard technology which used to prevent roots growing into the emitter. A special herbicide is planted into each drip emitter during the manufacturing process to direct root growth away from the drip emitter which stops root intrusion.

Wasteflow is protected against slime growth on the inside walls by the use of Geoshield. Geoshield is the green inner lining of the Wasteflow tube which prevents organic growth inside the dripline. This allows any debris accumulating within the dripline system to be more easily flushed out during maintenance.

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Advantages of subsurface wastewater disposal through our dripline:

  • The wetted volume of soil around the emitter is about 40% larger compared to surface installations.
  • It reduces the potential for human or domestic animal contact which is important as secondary treated wastewater can still have high pathogen concentrations.
  • The potential for lingering odours is heavily reduced
  • The potential for damage caused by the surrounding environment is dramatically reduced

All Biolytix BioPods are supplied with a standard dripline irrigation kit to allow for the controlled dispersal of treated wastewater into or onto the topsoil in your backyard. The dripline is a flexible and easy to install polyethylene dripline with pressure compensating turbulent flow emitters which distribute effluent slowly and uniformly across the entire disposal area even in difficult soils and on hilly terrain.

Grows more with less

Have a lush garden all year. The sub-surface irrigation helps you save water. It targets the root zone, where it is needed most. Far less valuable water is lost through evaporation, spray drift and run-off.

Safeguards your family and pets

Sub-surface irrigation is your safest option. Even though the treated water from the BioPod is better than the required secondary standard, it is safest to keep it in the soil. The soil is an effective barrier to human contact with effluent. It eliminates the hygiene risks associated with pathogens in spray and puddles from above-ground irrigation.

Less intrusive and reduced on-going costs

The irrigation is out of sight, out of mind. No need to mow around sprinklers and pipes, as these are not exposed to damage from the mower.

More versatile

It is also better suited for steep slopes. In contrast, spray irrigation or surface pinned dripline on steep slopes can cause soil erosion and run off, and is more likely to result in uneven distribution.

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Biolytix drip irrigation guide

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