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A Neighbourhood Network of Biolytix Systems

The treatment and disposal of wastewater shouldn’t blow your budget – or cost the earth. With a clever design, easy installation and minimal maintenance, Biolytix makes wastewater treatment simple and efficient. But wait, there’s more good can be scaled for rural towns and outer urban subdivisions too.

“Biowater offers between 30-50% savings over conventional systems in normal terrain. The savings would be greater in more difficult terrain or ground conditions.” – GHD engineers, Biowater Report.

Smarter, cheaper, greenerhow it works:
1. All household waste travels along a pipe to an on-site BioPod unit.
2. Solids stay on top of the filter bed and are decomposed by Tiger worms. The liquid slowly trickles through various filter bed layers.
3. Treated water is pumped out of the tank into a reticulation system, where it is repurposed to irrigate local green spaces for the community.

Half the cost, double the Benefits

Cost savings of up to 50%
With few mechanical parts, Biolytix has low installation and maintenance requirements. Compared to conventional systems in normal terrain, this could lead to 30-50% cost savings – greater in more difficult ground conditions.

Made to scale – pay as you expand
The system is easily expandable and can be added to – and paid for – incrementally as the subdivision grows.

Flexible design
It copes with flat and undulating terrain without requiring deep sewers or large community pumping stations.

Easy installation
With the waste treated on-site, pipework is comprised of small-diameter pressure poly pipe, with standard plumbing fittings – there’s no need to disrupt existing structures and landscape during construction.

Environmentally sustainable
All treated wastewater is recycled or re-used to cost-effectively irrigate household gardens or larger community landscapes. This reduces potable water use by 50%. It also uses up to 90% less energy than most conventional aerated treatment processes.

An industrial strength irrigation pump

In this middle of the treated wastewater compartment is the disposal pump which operates on-demand (typically less than 30 minutes per day) to dispenses treated effluent from the BioPod out to the irrigation system. The disposal pump is powerful enough to pump more than 50m vertically which allows even the most topographically challenging sites to be irrigated.

BioPod brochure

Find out how the Award-Winning BioPod works and how it ticks all the boxes for the Environment and Saving Money.

Biolytix Brochure

Biowater in Action

Macleay Island, Brisbane, Australia

In 2003, 17 houses and the local golf club on Macleay Island near Brisbane were connected to a Biowater network that irrigates the golf course fairway – and it has consistently received excellent results.

• BOD5 and suspended solids have been consistently better than 5mg/L.
• No operational problems or odour, even though half of the houses also discharge food waste through a garbage grinder into their on-site Biolytix systems.

Rotoma & Rotoiti Upgrade, Rotorua, NZ


In 2021, 424 houses along the Rotoma and Rotoiti Lakes will receive a Biolytix EcoPod system that will connect to a Biowater network. The solid waste from each house will remain in the EcoPod for worms to digest, while the filtered liquid waste will be pumped away through a series of pipe to a larger treatment plan for final processing at Gisborne Point, Rotoiti.

The project has been eight years in the making, which included extensive consulation with local Iwi, local council and environmental consultants who looked at all systems available to determine the best solution for the upgrade. The project will replace the existing septic tanks and disposal systems, and is designed to prevent wastewater from leaching into the surrounding lakes.

the Biolytix Vision

Biolytix is one of the most efficient on-site aerated wastewater treatment systems on the market.

Our award-winning Biolytix BioPod, featuring patented technology, immediately separates solid matter from liquid in domestic wastewater and uses Tiger worms to break down the solid waste – as nature intended.

Household waste is treated in a single, lightweight polymer tank, making the BioPod the most compact biological treatment system in the world. It’s easier and more cost-effective to transport, less disruptive to install and is visually unobtrusive.

We are committed to continuing the Biolytix vision to have the most environmentally friendly and sustainable on-site wastewater treatment system.

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