There is a 4 step process to buying your Biolytix Biopod.  Please read the steps below to see what each step entails.

If you require clarification in any of these steps please phone us on the 0800 number below or click here to email us.

0800 700 818

STEP 1:  Design and Consent

To install a new wastewater system you will generally require a Building Consent and possibly Resource (Discharge) Consent. Council will require an on-site wastewater report to be submitted with the consent application.

This report is typically carried out by an engineer or other suitably qualified/experienced consultant and determines the specific requirements for a wastewater system on your property including the type of wastewater system and the size and best location of the irrigation system. The investigation analyses the soils on your property and makes recommendations on the required effluent quality and soil loading rate that are appropriate for your property and that will meet local Council regulations.

This process helps ensure that your total wastewater solution is designed to suit your property and specific needs. As a wastewater system supplier we can’t provide an independent design service for you but we can recommend professionals in your area that can help. If you already have an engineer providing this service we can provide them with all the necessary technical details on the Biolytix system.

This report gets lodged with your consent application and once the consent is granted you are ready to have a Biolytix wastewater system installed.

STEP 2:  Quote

When you have you consent and are ready to purchase a Biolytix system or if you just want to get a cost estimate contact us and we will put you in touch with the closest Biolytix accredited installer in your area. Your Biolytix installer will give you a complete quotation to supply and install the Biolytix system that meets the design criteria of your wastewater engineers report, your Consent and any specific requirements you may have.

STEP 3:  Order

When you are ready to purchase place your order for your Biopod with your Biolytix agent or contact us and we will organise with your installer. The complete Biolytix Biopod system will be dispatched from our Auckland premises where all systems are manufactured. Your system will be ready to dispatch immediately but depending on your location delivery can take up to a week. All payments for the supply and installation of the Biolytix system are made to your Biolytix installer at the payment terms agreed to with them.

STEP 4:  Installation

Installation of a Biolytix BioPod is a highly technical exercise demanding strong product knowledge and very high standards of execution. To ensure that the installation and performance of your Biolytix BioPod meets and exceeds your expectations we require one of our fully trained and accredited installation agents to carry out your installation for you. Your installer will ensure that your BioPod is installed and operating well and that the site is left in a tidy condition.

To organise an installation, contact your local Biolytix agent or phone us on:

0800 700 818

or click here to send us an email message



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