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Biolytix ... Award Winning Wastewater Treatment Systems

Looking for an on-site wastewater treatment system, sewage treatment system, or septic tank?

Biolytix analysed the main problems of the septic tank and aerated sewerage system...

…and then engineered a system that is smart, energy-wise and that works with nature not against it, to give you many benefits.

The proven result - The BioPod - is an “ecosystem in a tank".  It uses worms and other organisms to efficiently convert household sewage into garden irrigation water. Of the 16 competitors we researched, the BioPod uses 90% less energy than all of them. Don't get caught out as energy costs rise – choosing a BioPod can save you up to $500 per year.

After 2.1 billion years of Research and Development, nature has got it right. All around us, the natural world is treating its waste ... without electricity, without large aerators and without creating septic sludge as a waste product. It doesn't smell or rely on chlorine dosing.

Biolytix incorporated nature's time-tested strategies into its patented BioPod. Like solar panels, the BioPod uses the intelligence of nature to bring you many benefits:

12 ways you benefit from our sewage treatment system

Biolytix works with nature, doesn't fight it ... so you save

1. Our "ecosystem in a tank" treats the wastewater: no costly large mechanical aerators to run, fix and replace
2. Uses 90% less energy than most aerated sewage treatment systems: saving up to $500 annually in energy bills
3. No septic stage: unlike aerated and septic systems there are no routine pumpouts
4. Only 1 annual check-up: most wastewater systems for domestic use legally require 3-4 services annually

    Biolytix does more ... so you do less 

    5. Silent: no droning aerators that can run up to 24 hours every day; you can enjoy your backyard
    6. Odourless: with no smelly septic stage and no large blower: it's safe to invite your friends for a BBQ
    7. This sewerage treatment system treats household food waste*: no need to throw it out or compost
    8. Adapts to your family's needs: no need to space showers and laundry washes

      Biolytix wastewater treatment systems are environmentally responsible ... so you are too

      9. Safe and waterwise irrigation: no risk of pathogen exposure; no water wasted
      10. Negligible methane emitted (21 x more potent than CO2): no high-methane septic stage, reduces your carbon footprint
      11. Chemical-free wastewater treatment: no potentially hazardous chemicals continually disposed into your garden
      12. The most compact sewage system: less to transport; less digging and disruption to your garden


        "Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.''Sir Henry Royce, 1863-1933

        If you are looking for sewage treatment systems, or want to replace the septic tank system for your home, we are here to help.
        To discover what the Biolytix BioPod sewerage system can do for you contact us on 0800 700 818

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